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Investments in Forex have a high level of risk which varies according to the percentage of profitability, past or current results do not guarantee future earnings
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The Forex market in the country of Germany, do not compare this activity with multilevel systems and pyramids, keep in mind that in Forex you earn or lose money when buying or selling currencies, not by referring new investors.
To invest in Forex from Germany or any country in the world an account is opened in the bank (broker) of your preference in a personal capacity, the opening of these accounts is done online, some brokers require physical documents sent by registered mail list of brokers

In Forex there is no minimum or maximum, you can open the account with up to 10 USD depending on the broker

In Germany you can send the money from any local bank to your bank abroad by transfer or payment by credit card, it is important that you select the numeral (transfer between accounts of the same holder) both to send and to receive

Investments in Forex are personal, you can not use third parties to send or receive money.

From the first (1) of January 2018, the banks signed the Automatic Information Exchange Agreement, which is why the money in foreign banks will be reported to the country of residence of each investor in this case Germany, this is important to the time to have to declare.

If you are thinking of managing the Forex account yourself, we recommend practicing for at least one year in one or many demo accounts with different strategies until you consider that you found the one that best suits your expectations..
The number one way to bring the profitability generated from Forex to Germany is bank transfer which is quite fast between one to maximum three days according to the Bank (broker), additionally some brokers have international debit cards and alternate means such as Skrill, Neteller and Paypal which are good for online purchases,

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